Monday, June 23, 2014


In January 1999, PS projectspace started in the living room of founder and artist Jan van der Ploeg. In the context of its 15 year anniversary, PS projectspace organised the group exhibition PS 1999-2014. The exhibition shows the work of (inter) national artists with whom PS projectspace has worked the last 15 years.

Saturday, 28 June, the group exhibition PS 1999 - 2014 will open at deSERVICEGARAGE. Sunday, 29 June, the group exhibition PS 1999 - 2014 will open at PS projectspace.

At deSERVICEGARAGE work by Frank Ammerlaan (NL), Michiel Ceulers (BE), Nicolas Chardon (FR), Julian Dashper (NZ), Michelle Grabner (U.S.), Terry Haggerty (UK), Brad Killam (U.S.), Konsortium (Lars Breuer, Guido Münch and Sebastian Freytag) (DE), Marius Lut (NL), Gerold Miller (DE), Han Schuil (NL), Riette Wanders (NL), Gerwald Rochenschaub (AT), Beat Zoderer (CH) will be exhibited. The exhibition also includes work by Rohan Wealleans (NZ) and Ruth Campau (DK) which is created especially for the space of deSERVICEGARAGE.

In PS projectspace work by Justin Andrews (AU), Tim Ayres (UK), Karina Bisch (FR), Ronald de Bloeme (NL), Piet Dieleman (NL), Alejandro Garcia Contreras (MEX), Daniël Gottin (CH), Paul Morrison (UK), Olivier Mosset (CH), Victoria Munro (U.S.), John Nixon (AU), Shannon Marie (NZ), DJ Simpson (UK), Michal Skoda (CZ), Tilman (DE) and Nadim Vardag (DE) will be on view. 

Cruquiusweg 79, Amsterdam
Opening Saturday 28 June, 20h00
Open from 28 June until 13 July
Thursday - Sunday, 12h00 - 18h00

PS projectspace
Madurastraat 72, Amsterdam
Opening Sunday 29 June, 16h00 - 18h00
Open from 29 June until 31 August
Thursday - Saturday, 13h00 - 17h00


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