Monday, September 30, 2013


deSERVICEGARAGE celebrates its sixth year anniversary and presents IEDEREEN. With eighteen participating artists, this group exhibition brings together everyone who is and has been a part of deSERVICEGARAGE since its establishment in 2007.

With Frank Ammerlaan,
 Maurice van Daalen,
 Zoro Feigl,
 Martha Hjorth Jessen,
 Daniel Hofstede,
 Judith Leysner,
 Charlott Markus,
 Sachi Miyachi, 
Linda Nieuwstad,
 Oscar Peters, 
Thijs Rhijnsburger,
 Benjamin Roth,
 Ian de Ruiter,
 Michiel Schuurman,
 Fraser Stewart,
 Sjoerd Tim, 
Arik Visser and
 Alex Winters.

Opening Saturday October 12th, 20h00

Open from October 17th until November 10th

Thursday until Sunday 12h00 - 18h00

Join us for the finissage of IEDEREEN with drinks, snacks and music on Sunday November 10th from 15h00. At 16h00 Fraser Stewart will talk about failure in contemporary art practice. How is failure used as an act of resistance and how does it often fail to resist?